American Dreamers: Badlands’ Kit Carruthers and Holly Sargis

This essay appeared in Bright Lights Film Journal (November 4, 2014)

American Dreamers: Badlands’ Kit Carruthers and Holly Sargis

If Badlands is a story outside history, as Malick claims, then Kit is bent on creating one for himself, a history of himself, or failing that, finding a memento to stand in for a history that will go unnoticed and unsung, as our histories tend to do. “I’m going to keep it for a souvenir,” he says finally, of the stone. “Or maybe one that’s lighter,” he adds, tossing the heavy stone away and reaching for a more portable one. These are the scenes that, true to Malick’s wish, prevent my “winking” at his character’s expense. I feel, with Kit, the sadness and futility of our attempts to mark our own passages. Memento mori: remember that you must die. Perhaps more to the point: remember that you must be forgotten.   (read more)

About Amy Kenyon

Amy Kenyon is a historian, writer and photographer.
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